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Want all three videos?

Intermediate - 70 minutes - $15

Velvet Vinyasa Flow

Energizing Flow of Hips and Twists

A creative, intelligent, strength-building practice for our hips, shoulders and spine. Seated practice, standing poses, hip openers, lunges and backbends, leading to Supta Virasana and a juicy supine unravel.


All sequenced to light you up, wring you out, and leave you with a healthy radiant glow.

You'll need 2 blocks and strap.


All Levels - 35 minutes - $15

Core, Hips & Twists

A Core Burning, Hip Opening Flow for all levels.


An Up Beat practice to connect you to center, while we strengthen and tone your booty, thighs and core. Hip openers and twists will leave you light, fluid and energetic.

No props necessary.

All Levels -  82 minutes - $15

Velvet Vinyasa Slow

Sweet and Delicious Slow Flow for Hips and Hearts

Get into you legs, free up your hips and open your heart in a fluid rhythmic way. A slow pace, lots of props and time to feel make this a luxurious practice for All Levels.

You will need 2 yoga blocks and 2 bolsters or large pillows.