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Want all three videos?

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Intermediate - 64 minutes - $15

Velvet Vinyasa Flow

Energising Flow of Hips & Twists

A creative and intelligent practice for our hips and organs with lots of repetition and crossing the mid line. 


An Intermediate sequence to light you up, wring you out, and leave you with a healthy radiant glow!

No Props Necessary.


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All Levels - 45 minutes - $15

Lymphasize & Detoxify

Immune System & Mood Booster

Perfect for anybody; healthy or sick, injured or strong, elderly or young, beginner or advanced practitioner. 

This fun practice supports our body's innate desire to heal itself. Through repetitive movement, we shake loose the impurities held in our bodies and support our lymphatic system as it clears the toxins that make us sick, stiff and tired.


Specific breathwork aids the process.

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All Levels -  72 minutes - $15

Velvet Vinyasa Slow

Sweet and Delicious Slow Flow for Hips and Hearts

Get into you legs, free up your hips and open your heart in a fluid rhythmic way. A slow pace with lots of time to feel make this a luxurious practice for All Levels.

You will need 2 yoga blocks.