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Rent a class for 7 days!

Want all three videos?

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Intermediate - 70 minutes - $15

Velvet Vinyasa Flow 2

Back Body Strong.

A grounding classic vinyasa sequence, including sun salutations, focused on strength in our legs, awareness of our back bodies and freedom in our hearts. 

You will need 2 blocks.


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Intermediate - 68 minutes - $15

Velvet Vinyasa Flow 3

Ground into the wisdom of your past so you can see clearly the potential of your future.

Focus on rooting into our back leg and grounding into our past so we feel confident as we stick ours necks out and move fearlessly into out future.

You will need 2 blocks.

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Intermediate -  72 minutes - $15

Velvet Vinyasa Flow 

Hips and Hearts is what it is all about!

Get into you legs, free up your hips and open your heart in a fluid rhythmic way. Use of blocks under our hands gives a feeling of spaciousness, while a lot of crossing the midline helps us stay in our center and free up our exterior.

You will need 2 blocks.

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