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Want all three videos?

Intermediate - 60 minutes - $15

Velvet Vinyasa Flow

Sweaty Flow of Hips and Backbends

A creative, intelligent, strength-building practice for our hips and hearts. Core work, standing poses, hip openers crossing the midline, lunges and backbends, leading to Wheel and a juicy supine unravel.


All sequenced to light you up, wring you out, and leave you with a healthy radiant glow.

You'll need 2 blocks and blanket.


All Levels - 35 minutes - $15

Abs, Butt & Thighs

A Booty Blasting, Core Burning Flow for all levels.


An Up Beat practice with music to strengthen and tone your booty, thighs and core. With a simple unwind at the end to leave you long, strong and energetic.

You will need 2 blocks or thick hard covered books and a yoga mat.

All Levels -  60 minutes - $15

Lymphasize & Detoxify

 Immune & Mood Booster 


Perfect for anybody; healthy or sick, injured or strong, elderly or young, beginner or advanced practitioner. 


This fun practice supports our body's innate desire to heal itself. It can be done in a chair, at the wall or standing on our feet. Through repetitive movement, we shake loose the impurities held in our bodies and support our lymphatic system as it clears the toxins that make us sick, stiff, and tired. Specific yogic cleansing techniques and breathwork aid the process.

This video includes the practice of belly rolling called Nauli. It tones and massages the entire abdominal region stimulating digestion and soothing the adrenal componet of the endocrine system.


You will need; an empty stomach, please do not eat 2 hours before this practice, 2 blocks or thick hard covered books, 1 blanket, one lemon and a hard-back chair if you require extra support.

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